Authentic Storytelling for Purpose-Driven Brands

It is essential today that purpose-driven brands; brands that move beyond profit and take a stand for good, be very particular and careful about the way in which they tell their stories. The consumer’s bullshit meter is finely tuned and greenwashing will not be tolerated. This year we were invited to speak about authentic storytelling on the Expo Stage at the Sustainable Brands flagship conference. The 12 minute talk, given by our Director of Photography Jenna Close, is below.

Purpose-driven brands speak directly to the consumer's heart, and so they have a responsibility to honesty and integrity in their marketing. In this talk, given at the Sustainable Brands flagship conference in Detroit, Buck the Cubicle's Director of Photography Jenna Close outlines what makes storytelling authentic, as well as some common mistakes to be avoided. Sample videos and images included. The talk is 12 minutes long.