Stories told through video.

Part of the larger Change Your Life campaign for JumpSport Fitness, we asked real people to put the product to the test and be our heroes for the whole of the ad campaign. Lynda was born and raised in Southern California. She believes aging is a mental state that drives the physical. Throughout her life she has maintained a level of fitness that allows her to participate in new and different activities even now into her late 60's.

Change Your Life campaign for JumpSport Fitness. Eric's philosophy on fitness used to be highly competitive with an intense training regime. As a father, he is still serious about exercising, but it comes more with the attitude of being a role model and completing his goals everyday. Lisa is an avid daily cyclist, she loves the Fitness Trampoline because it gives her the cardio workout she needs 3 times faster than her bike. They both believe that age is more than a number, it’s a journey.

Commercial for Boulder Electric Vehicle, a Colorado company that manufactures electric delivery trucks. All vehicles are 100% electric and made in the USA.

A two week timelapse of The Crystal Ninja applying over 70,000 Swarovski crystals to a Vespa. Agency: Red Tettemer

Derek McDonald makes his art by welding together the recycled material he finds all over Orange County, CA.

Bruce Gardner excels at the Japanese art of Hikaru Dorodango, or "Shiny Dumpling".

Tim Linhart makes playable instruments out of ice. He is the founder of Ice Music, based in Luleå, Swedish Lapland.

Naomi hadn't given any thought to princessing until she answered a Craigslist ad on a whim. Little did she know it would become her career. Music: "Princess" by Josh Woodward. (CC BY License)

Falconer and Fulbright Scholar Lauren McGough is one of less than a dozen people in the US who fly a Golden Eagle.

Scott Sutton is a hunter, but it's not animals he's after. It's color. Using creation myths from the tribes of the Pacific Northwest and matching them to modern maps, Scott searches the wilderness for pigments to use in his art.

A drone and a road trip. San Diego to Santa Fe. Music: “Travel Light” by Jason Shaw (CC By 3.0)

Timelapse of the light across our living room on the first day of January, 2016. Music: "Snowmen" by Kai Engel, CC-BY 3.0